Security. Trust. DeFi.

Neko is changing how the world accesses DeFi. We envision a secure future that can be accessed and enjoyed by all.

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Our Projects

All Neko projects are focused on bringing value to all DeFi holders. Our vision for DeFi is one built on trust, integrity and security. We aspire to infuse these values at all levels where people meet DeFi from the blockchain layer all the way to the people who use it.


In Production

Next generation crypto cold storage with biometric authentication and 5.5" touchscreen display.

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Currently Beta Testing

Crypto hot wallet built with security and usability first. Features two-factor authentication, quick disconnect, real-time charts and swap fees that return to holders.

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Accepting Audit Requests

Full service decentralized security auditing and consulting for DeFi projects including network/application penetration testing, smart contract auditing, phishing assessments, secure design consultation, brand auditing and KYC.

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Staking Statistics

As of September 2022

% Supply Staked 48%
66% of Neko's supply is staked or burned.

Neko Stakers
Earn ETH Rewards

Earning ETH made easy. Stake your Maneki-Neko Tokens and be rewarded. The spirit of DeFi is strong in Neko, where passive income and decentralization go hand in hand.

Multiply Your Rewards
Get the Neko NFT

The Neko NFT offers 1.2x multiplier for staking rewards. Staking your tokens along with your Neko NFT amplifies the ETH rewards you'll receive, generating significant passive income.

  • The Neko NFT is your whitelist to receive the NekoVault first
  • Earn a 1.2x ETH rewards multiplier
  • 0.4 ETH to mint

Affiliates and Partners

A growing community of affiliates and partners support a thriving Neko ecosystem. We're honored to be among such distinguished company.

Streamer Inu

Connecting new channels and creating exposure for the best p2e games in web3.

The Science DAO

A decentralized think tank, incubator engine, and accelerator platform.


The official creator of customizable and operable NFTs for your journey through the Metraverse.

Plant DAO

Plant trees, save the planet and earn rewards.

Cliff Token

The deflationary dog token that never stops growing.

Pochi Inu

Pochi Inu, the unique Metaverse hybriding pet token.

Neko News

Find out the latest about Neko.

NekoVault crypto cold wallet exploded view
Woman holding NekoVault crypto cold storage

DeFi Thrives Here

At Neko, we believe DeFi is the future. We acknowledge that decentralization is a double-edged sword. However, it is undeniably necessary and even vital. Neko is here to create a secure ecosystem where people can engage with confidence and trust. Our values are simple:

  • Your keys. Your crypto. We ensure self-custody of your keys and assets remains at the heart of DeFi.
  • Neko reinfuses fees and revenues into DeFi. Holders benefit. Not central banks and exchanges.
  • You should feel safe when you engage with DeFi. Neko nurtures a secure ecosystem starting with how the world engages with the blockchain all the way through the people who use it.
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